PDF曲集:小さな金属弦ハープのための24のケルト音楽(24 Celtic Tunes for Small Wire-Strung Harp.pdf)

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1. Mair's Mo Luaidh (My Love and My Job)
2. 'Sfliuch an oidhche nochd, ' sgur fuar i (Wet is this night and cold)
3. An Irish girl's lamentation for the loss of her lover (Strathspey)
4. Fear A' Bhata (boatman)
5. Catherine Tyrrell
6. Sligo Air
7. Star of County Down
8. Fanny Power
9. Lady Gethin
10. The Princess Royal
11. Carolan's Concerto
12. Fanny Dillon
13. Arthur Shean
14. Chanter
15. Banish Misfortune, or Mary of Inistuirk
16. Cailin deas cruite na mbo
17. Kick Mabury
18. The New Good Man
19. The rising of the lark
20. Niel Gow's lament for the death of his second wife
21. Grace Nugent
22. Molly St George
23. Eileen a Ruin
24. Cormac